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What does the first visit look like?

During the first visit, Jennifer wants to fully understand what led to your eating disorder and how it has affected your life since. She will discuss any issues associated with your eating, medical concerns related to those eating issues, and gather a full medical history, before eating issues began and since they have start, as they may or may not be related.

After this, Jennifer will do a physical exam very similar to what you would get at a general practitioners office, but she will keep your eating disorder in mind as there are several vitals that vary due to eating disorders that many physicians aren't aware of. During the exam, Jennifer will facilitate an in-office EKG that will be read the same day.

For these reasons, expect your first visit to be around two hours in length. While we understand this seems like a long time, we want to ensure we understand everything associated with your eating disorder and create a treatment plan that is best fitted for you.

We will also order lab work that is done outside of our office. Depending on your insurance, you can visit either LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. We will review the results with the eating issue in mind - what may appear normal in a regular physician’s setting, may not be normal with your eating issue.

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