What We Provide

  • Treatment in a pleasant, nurturing, and professional environment

  • Comprehensive assessment followed by a detailed explanation of findings and plans for treatment

  • Consultation, referral, and coordination with other professionals, such as dietitians, therapists, other medical specialists, and treatment centers as-needed

  • Close supervision throughout the entire treatment process

  • Assistance with higher level of care decisions when needed

As a patient, you will be given a private, detailed consultation. We will make the environment as comfortable as possible so that it will be easier to be as forthcoming as possible with all pertinent information. This is to ensure that we understand your overall situation accurately enabling us to give you the best treatment. 


​Adult patients may have whomever they wish as support during the visit. Minors may have their parents with them during the visit and are encouraged to discuss everything important with their parents, when appropriate. Even if others attend the visit, both adult and minor children will be given time alone with one of our practitioners to discuss private matters.​​

What You Can Expect

  • Complete medical history

  • Comprehensive physical exam

  • Ordering and interpreting lab work

  • EKG at initial visit and then on an as-needed basis

  • Blood glucose monitoring as-needed​​

What We Do

​Blood work, ​​x-rays, electrocardiogram (ECG), and other procedures might be advised. The ECG will be performed in the office, but labs and x-rays will be done at other sites.

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